SJWs force their CoC on Linux, Linux fights back

Let’s see what happens when you try to force SJW bullshit on people who are working for free and have no reason to put up with it!


Linux developers threaten to pull “kill switch”

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  1. MA-121

    Doesnt twitter use linux? Please pull twitters linux license. Youll cut sjws whining by 75%
    SJWs are cancer. Pull the switch. Any domain they infiltrate and start to gain control over should be rendered entirely unusable. It should be defunct. It may cripple portions of the interent, but war has casualties. The Linux community and Linux itself is already crippled by the SJW code of conduct. It should be painfully, absolutely, unequivocally, absurdedly, and obnoxiously apparent that if you let SJWs gain a foothold in any way, shape, or form on your platform that your platform is dead. It is done and buried and will never recover. If you cave to them, you lose everything. They do not care about you and will not save you. They cannot save you because they haven't the power. They're only trying to steal it through you. We will cut you like a cancer and you will never rise again.
    SJWs are just a scourge on this planet at this point
    I'd rather see the internet burned down than be in the hands of sjw's. Better dead than Red!

  2. rob mitch

    "Who wants to lead this charge?" I will do it! "Ah Rob have you even seen the show?" Nope but I am an undying skeleton that wants death fulled by the power of memes. Worse case scenario for me is i am still alive by the end of the fight.

  3. MingTuck Chung

    Utterly nothing to do with coding… SJW has no life that's why they want to take the lives of everyone else. The SJW are people who aren't alive to live life. They hate people who lives life. Why has the law not done anything to these public trouble makers that's getting out of control? If Linux pulls off and fucks up the net… Seriously something better be done about the SJWs.

  4. Aurora

    What I love and have always loved about Linux is that you can find any free operating system like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, or Debian, or a fork of it, and make it your own by editing the source code yourself, that way, you don't have to worry about annoying shit forcing it's way through your system like with Windows or Chrome. No one major company has the right to tell you what to do with it, which is the biggest boon Linux based operating systems and open source programs have in general.

    So no matter how much SJWs try to force their way into the Linux community, they'll never be able to control all forks of all open sourced operating systems, which is why after I get my new laptop (I'm on a shared computer right now), I'm switching to Linux for good because even though I love PC gaming, it's dead; mainly because of forced updates Microsoft keeps pushing on us along with the adware that's in the start menu. Fuck that shit.

    I'd rather develop and maintain my own operating system in much the same way Tony Stark does with his like in the Iron Man movies. Dealing with bullshit from mainstream tech companies is bad enough on the web, I don't need to deal with the same bullshit twice when I do shit offline.

  5. medexamtoolsdotcom

    If linux is dismantled, I don't see how that wouldn't serve the purpose of the SJWs. Because that would be goooooooooood for microsoft and apple. And they're all in on it, they're all the same, silicon valley is a SJW shitshow. You'd literally be facilitating lining the pockets of SJWs with money. So that's not a good way to fight back at SJWs. It's like walking into a bank with a gun, pointing the gun at your own foot, and saying "put the money in the bag, or I'll shoot my own foot!"

  6. CryptoDeaf

    I know if I pull my code, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook and tons of other websites will at least temporarily shut down. That's how beautiful this kind of shit is. Wouldn't try rescinding my license, I just want people to fuck off.

  7. Wabefuhon

    We have to either purge the SJW's from Linux or create a new OS code. I don't know which would be easier since one is cancer and the other would require starting from scratch. With enough people either would prove successful but one of these would do less damage.

  8. veracsthane

    they are trying to kill the 4th admendment which bars them from killing the 1s admendment that bars them from killing the 2nd admendment which bars them from openly killing people they simply dont like.

    the civil war is already on.

  9. Arf x 2

    The only way to effectively deal with these people is to take an extremely hostile attitude toward them. SJWs are shit people. The sad truth is that too many tech nerds are conflict averse. Had they been otherwise, they would've backed Torvalds en masse.

  10. windlessbasher

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  11. Agt.BADASS

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  12. Agt.BADASS

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  13. Agt.BADASS

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